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General Gymnastics

General Gymnastics is the fourth recognised discipline of the International Gymnastics Federation and plays a vital role in the development of the sport of gymnastics as a whole. It provides a foundation for all four competitive disciplines in addition to being a discipline in its own right.

The competitive forms of gymnastics are differentiated by emphasising the types of movements performed and the specific apparatus used.General Gymnastics is broader thwn any one discipline and incorporates activities and movements in all areas.

The atmosphere in which G.G activities are performed creates and promotes a fun, happy and healthy enviroment where everybody, regardless of age and ability level, can enjoy the world of gymnastics.

General Gymnastics programs can be varied depending on the needs of the participants involved. Opprtunites are available for participants to be involved in events on a state and national level
and are all a part of this exciting and challenging discipline.

The diverse range of g.g. activities include GYMNASTICS without apparatos (floor and dance)
GYMNASTICS with large apparatus (vault &original)
GYMNASTICS with Hand Apparatus(ball, hoop, ribbon etc)
GYMNASTICS through play (exploration,movement)

Also included in G.G. is Display Gymnastics which includes exciting colourful performances with artistic dance, aerobics and choreographed movements and chalenging team activities for all ages and abilities.

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